Why Trump abandoned the Kurds

I just made a comment below in the question-answer website Quora.


My answer:

Trump’s withdrawel from Syria was not only about making a distraction to American voters, but also a plan to bring captured Daesh’ians back to Europe.

This plan is made to bring chaos in Europe so that Trump xeno-fascist allied parties will grow in numbers and strength.

(I have edit the text since I published it in Quora).

  Before Hitler

the political game

I dreamt about the political game in Germany before Hitler came to power, and how Hitler’s men protected themselves against the opponents. What happened thereafter?

To be continued… 😐

Fear and Art

Art Retreat

A few years ago I made a painting on an art retreat in the Sörböle church in Skellefteå, Northern Sweden.

We were told to close our eyes and to dot different colours on a paper and then use our fingers to spread them out on the paper.

When we had finished that, I could see some creatures that had taken shape on the paper. You can see one of them here:

Fear: painting by Bengt Lindkvist

As a sound illustration for the painting I have linked “The Sound of Fear – CHARLIE BRIGDEN|The Sound of Fear, Episode 1: 1922 – 1933”