Why Trump abandoned the Kurds

I just made a comment below in the question-answer website Quora.


My answer:

Trump’s withdrawel from Syria was not only about making a distraction to American voters, but also a plan to bring captured Daesh’ians back to Europe.

This plan is made to bring chaos in Europe so that Trump xeno-fascist allied parties will grow in numbers and strength.

(I have edit the text since I published it in Quora).

  Before Hitler

the political game

I dreamt about the political game in Germany before Hitler came to power, and how Hitler’s men protected themselves against the opponents. What happened thereafter?

To be continued

Fear and Art

Art Retreat

A few years ago I made a painting on an art retreat in the Sörböle church in SkellefteÄ, Northern Sweden.

We were told to close our eyes and to dot different colours on a paper and then use our fingers to spread them out on the paper.

When we had finished that, I could see some creatures that had taken shape on the paper. You can see one of them here:

Fear: painting by Bengt Lindkvist

As a sound illustration for the painting I have linked “The Sound of Fear – CHARLIE BRIGDEN|The Sound of Fear, Episode 1: 1922 – 1933”



Truck Race Dream

Racing down

Todays comic illustration for a dream that I had recently.

I saw trucks (lorries) that was racing down a winding course marked out by poles.And I raced down before them on skies hoping they wouldn’t catch up with me.

The last I remember was that I flew over a bump.

Kronblom-A Slow-moving Comic Character

Kronblom is a comic character who spends most of his days on the kitchen sofa. I think he’s daydreaming, and he avoids everything that even seems to be a job, much to the anger of his wife Malin.

These slow-moving but quick-thinking bohemian was created by Elov V Persson (10 July 1894 – 9 July 1970) a Swedish comic artist.

And below is my comic version of that tall and thin character

One Night at Hudson River

Hudson River Dream 2
During one (dream) – night my wife and I visited our friends in the US. There we was to stay for about 24 hours.
They had parked their RV in a place that was located near the Hudson River, not far from New York.
I walked towards the river to look at the view. Near the sloop was a small forest road. At a distance I saw some children come walking on the road in my direction.
I sneaked gently forward towards the edge of the sloop to not be discovered by any land owner.
I saw that the river was surrounded by mountains, and down there we’re large ships: oil tankers, cruisers and aircraft carriers, and boats of various sizes.

Suddenly I heard something (see previous post),

Hudsonflod Dröm 2
Under en natt besökte jag och min hustru vÄra vÀnner i USA. Vi skulle stanna dÀr under ett dygn.
De hade stÀllt sin husvagn pÄ en plats som lÄg högt belÀgen nÀra Hudsonfloden, inte lÄngt frÄn New York.
Jag gick fram mot floden för att se utsikten. NÀra strandbrinken gick en skogsbilvÀg. PÄ avstÄnd sÄg jag nÄgra barn komma gÄende mot mig pÄ vÀgen.
LÀngs vÀgen sÄg jag hus som var mÄlade i Falu rödfÀrg.
Jag smög försiktigt fram mot kanten av brinken för att inte bli upptÀckt av nÄgon hustomts Àgare.
Kring floden lÄg höga fjÀll, och dÀrnere styrde stora fartyg: oljetankers, kryssnings och hangarfartyg och bÄtar i olika storlekar fram.
Plötsligt hörde jag nÄgonting (se föregÄende inlÀgg),